The Alliance of Colorado Community Health Workers, Patient Navigators and Promotores de Salud and the The Patient Navigator Training Collaborative are hosting a webinar series focused on mental and behavioral health, every Wednesday at 1 PM MT May 6-June 3. This series will be moderated by Andrea (Andi) Dwyer, with the Colorado School of Public Health and The Alliance of Colorado Community Health Workers, Patient Navigators and Promotores de Salud.

Session 1:  Framing the Landscape of Mental and Behavioral Health in Colorado

This session explored mental and behavioral health services offered in Colorado. Topics include the Office of Behavioral Health needs assessment, crisis services, managed service organizations and community mental health services.

Featured speaker: Camille Harding, LPC, Division Director of Community Behavioral Health for the Office of Behavioral Health

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Session 2: Landscape and Legislation in Community Behavioral Health

Learn more about the current initiatives and trends in Colorado’s mental health and substance use systems. This session covers data and ranking related to Colorado’s mental health and what navigators need to know. Other topics include impact of COVID-19 and legislative priorities related to mental and behavioral health

Featured speakers: Mindy Klowden, MNM, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, and Dr. Sarah Davidon, Principal, Davidon Consulting.

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Session 3: Assessing Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategies

This session dives into data and strategies from the Office of Suicide Prevention. Learn more about Mental Health First Aid and other trainings.

Featured speakers: Sarah Brummett, M.A., J.D., Office of Suicide Prevention Director, Violence and Injury Prevention-Mental Health Promotion Branch and Lucille Johnson, PhD.H, CEO of Affinity Consulting Services and Mental Health First Aid instructor

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May 27 Session 4: Integrating Mental and Behavioral Health into Chronic Disease Navigation Programs

Learn how a CPC Community Health incorporates mental and behavioral health tools in their interactions with community members. This session also explores the key mental and behavioral health tools used by the CHWs, PNs and PdS to propel behavior change, as well as successes and challenges of incorporating mental and behavioral health tools in prevention and chronic disease programs.

Featured speakers:

  • Nick Flattery, MPH, Senior Program Manager, CPC Community Health
  • Kristin Kilbourn, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Clinical Health Psychology, University of Colorado Denver

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Session 5: Navigators at the core of mental and behavioral health programs in urban, suburban and rural Colorado.

Learn how health navigators are increasing access to care in mental and behavioral health programs across Colorado.   Consider how the lessons learned in existing programs can inform future programming in Colorado. This session explores the opportunities and complexities of team-based care and role clarity within team based care approaches.

Featured speakers:

  • Jacqueline Brown, RN,MSN, FNP, Chief of Physical Health Operations, Southeast Health Group
  • Kaysie Schmidt, MPH, Director of Physical Health Operations, Southeast Health Group
  • Kristen Thome, LCSW, CACII, Director of Navigation, Jefferson Center for Mental Health

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