Courses prepare you for patient navigation or improve your navigation skills.

The Patient Navigator Training Collaborative offers a full curriculum designed to prepare new patient navigators or improve patient navigation knowledge and skills. The curricula have been developed by content experts including patient navigators, healthcare providers, educators and trainers. Expert trainers lead interactive and engaging courses.

Courses vary in length and many are available online. All courses offer a certificate of completion.


Which courses are right for you?

We have courses for both new and experienced navigators. See Choosing A Course to find courses that fit your level of experience and education. We suggest you start with Level 1: Health Navigation Fundamentals before you take Level 2. Some Level 2 courses require the Level 1 course as a prerequisite. See the Level 1 and Level 2 course pages for course descriptions, learning objectives and prerequisites.


Start learning now.

To start learning now, begin a free, interactive eLearning course. eLearning Courses were created just for patient navigators. Learn more about patient navigation, chronic disease, how to help your clients address barriers, or how to help clients change their health behavior. Earn a certificate of completion for these courses too. You can leave a course and come back any time.


Check out our Course FAQ and Career FAQ pages for answers to frequently asked questions.