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COVID-19 Information and Resources: 2-1-1 and Community Navigators Warmline

During this webinar, learn more about two resources that are connecting people to what they need during the COVID-19 pandemic, United Way 2-1-1 and the Community Navigators Warmline, a Spanish-language service managed by the Adelante Network in Jefferson County. View webinar now     2-1-1 Slides         Adelante Slides


Mental and Behavioral Health Webinar Series

This series explores mental and behavioral health services offered in Colorado, including the Office of Behavioral Health, legislative priorities, data trends, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how navigators and community health workers are addressing behavioral health in their communities. View series now


Reducing Anxiety in Yourself and Others

With the extra personal and global stress emerging due to COVID-19, stress levels and anxiety have escalated. If you are a health care worker or caregiver, you may have the extra burden of dealing with your own anxiety as well as those of the people you serve. This webinar features a discussion of stress management and coping skills. When you are handling this stress well, you will be better able to help others. View webinar now


Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Cancer Screening 101

These in-depth “101” webinars are perfect for those new to preventive screening or who need to brush up on their knowledge. Topics include screening guidelines, common facts and myths, the impact on Colorado and rural communities and strategies you can use in your role to increase screening rates. Topics include colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. View webinars now



Motivational Interviewing & Cancer Screening

Deepen your use of MI skills to navigate patients to cancer screening. These advanced motivational interviewing trainings were offered online in 5 live learning sessions. View series now.



LGBTQ Cultural Responsiveness

This webinar covers basic terminology, how to use affirming pronouns, and ways to create an affirming environment for LGBTQ individuals. Presented by the Denver Prevention Training Center, in partnership with the Patient Navigator Training Collaborative. Begin webinar now


Basic Crisis Management Skills for Patient Navigators

This webinar provides an overview of how to provide “emotional first aid” for patients in distress. Learn the basis of Crisis Theory, how to distinguish a normal distress response from an acute crisis state that requires immediate response, and improve your ability to manage a crisis while assisting patients with chronic health conditions. This webinar is presented by Jeanice Hansen, MSW, LCSW and oncology social worker. View free webinar now.




Managing Difficult Patient Encounters

Patient navigators often interact with patients who are perceived as challenging, which can be draining both professionally and emotionally for the navigator. This webinar incorporates ways to re-frame such encounters to consider the perspective of patients, as well as communication strategies to minimize the stress of these situations. You will learn to identify two different types of patients we often consider “difficult,” examine behavioral interventions that improve interactions with challenging patients, and improve effectiveness in diffusing difficult patient and family encounters. This webinar is presented by Jeanice Hansen, MSW, LCSW and oncology social worker. View free webinar now.