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Administrative and Support Staff

Administrative and support staff facilitate patient care within the hospital system.

  • Administrative and Clerical Staff
    Administrative and clerical staff coordinate and facilitate patient care. They schedule appointments, answer phones, greet patients, keep medical records, handle medical billing, fill out insurance forms, arrange for laboratory or other diagnostic services, and handle financial records. Some job titles of administrative or clerical staff include:

    • Clinic Coordinator
    • Administrative Medical Assistant
    • Medical Records Specialist
    • Medical Billing Specialist
    • Financial Counselor
    • Scheduler
  • Volunteers
    Volunteers are an important part of the healthcare team. The duties of volunteers can vary widely. Volunteers may have administrative duties and work in reception areas or gift shops. In a medical office they may file documents, answer phones, help with health screening or deliver documents to various parts of the hospital. “Advanced Volunteers” have special training and may work closely patients under the supervision of a nurse or doctor.

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