Violet was 31 years old when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer.

She spent a year trying to convince doctors that something was wrong, only to be told repeatedly that she was “too young” to have this disease. Considered currently incurable, Violet continues biweekly chemotherapy treatments while sharing her story and educating herself through building relationships within the patient community.

Violet is teaming up with the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program to host a webinar on at 10 am MT, Monday, June 18. Join us to learn more about Violet’s story, early onset Colorectal Cancer, and valuable insight from the patient perspective that she feels all patient navigators and providers should know.

Click HERE to register for this valuable and informative webinar.

Did you know?

  • Since 1994, there has been a 51% increase in colorectal cancer in people between the ages of 20 – 49.
  • Unless substantial action is taken, the National Cancer Institute estimates that 1 in 10 colorectal cancers will be diagnosed in people under 50 by the year 2030.