Learn How to Impact LGBTQ+ Communities Around CRC Screening

People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or other diverse sexual orientations or gender identities (LGBTQ+) face barriers that make them less likely to get screened for colorectal cancer than the general population.

This newly updated brief describes this community’s unique barriers to colorectal cancer screening and outlines action steps to support colorectal cancer screening in LGBTQ+ communities. It is intended for community-based organizations, health systems, and other organizations to use to better understand and serve LGBTQ+ members of their community.

The ACS NCCRT would like to thank Paula Chambers Raney, Hope Coordinator, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and David Russo, founder, Cheeky Charity, both ACS NCCRT members, who generously offered their time and expertise to the development of this newly updated resource.

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