Patient Navigator Learning Community- Resources

Patient Navigator Learning Community- Resources

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Date(s) - 04/15/2015
8:00 am - 9:00 am


Learning Communities is an innovative public health workforce development program that uses the convenience of technology to build capacity. It spreads knowledge throughout the public health workforce from sights of expertise, such as governmental public health agencies, research centers and universities to the front lines of public health. Rather than information flowing in one direction, community practitioners learn from topic experts, they learn from each other, and experts learn from community practitioners.

Learning Communities sessions include trainings held by topic experts and in depth case scenarios presented by community experts for feedback and recommendations. With Learning Communities, the public health workforce is supported through knowledge networks as they tailor and implement projects within their own communities. Reducing professional isolation, reducing high cost of off-site trainings, Learning Communities exponentially increase access to expert knowledge and support by strategically moving knowledge instead of moving practitioners.

Active Learning Communities

Resources (including the following as possible session highlights)

Session topics:

      • Introduction to ECHO Learning Communities
        • Andrea Dwyer and Patricia Valverde, PhD, MPH – Co-Director Patient Navigator Training Collaborative
      • Potential Session Topics for this Series:
        • PNs Linking to Resources
        • MAPS-Drug and Prescription Assistance
        • PN Portal Powered by 2-1-1
        • Financial and Co-Pay Assistance
        • Health Benefits Exchange and Public/Private Insurance Enrollment

          Social Support and Benefits Packages (Social Security, Disability, etc…)


  • Additional Patient Navigator Learning Communities are under construction.