Special Topic Courses and Webinars

Seminar on Poverty and Self-Sufficiency (recorded)

Tracey Stewart, Family Economic Security Program Manager at the Colorado Center on Law & Policy, will present “A Path to Economic Security: A Lifetime Journey to Opportunities and Advances.” In this presentation, Tracey Stewart discusses how poverty is currently measured in Colorado and the limitations to the formula used. She will describe an alternate measurement, self-sufficiency and the elder index that is supported by family advocacy organizations around the country. These measures more accurately and appropriately identify the actual income needed for families and elders to achieve self-sufficiency. (Please note: the presentation begins 2 minutes after the video begins playing.) Begin free webinar now.

2013 CLAS Standards for Patient Navigators

If you use interpreters or work with people with limited English proficiency, this webinar may help you understand what patient navigators need to know about new CLAS (Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services) Standards. View free webinar now.

Basic Crisis Management Skills for Patient Navigators

This webinar provides an overview of how to provide “emotional first aid” for patients in distress. Learn the basis of Crisis Theory, how to distinguish a normal distress response from an acute crisis state that requires immediate response, and improve your ability to manage a crisis while assisting patients with chronic health conditions. This webinar is presented by Jeanice Hansen, MSW, LCSW and oncology social worker. View free webinar now.

Managing Difficult Patient Encounters

Patient navigators often interact with patients who are perceived as challenging, which can be draining both professionally and emotionally for the navigator. This webinar incorporates ways to re-frame such encounters to consider the perspective of patients, as well as communication strategies to minimize the stress of these situations. You will learn to identify two different types of patients we often consider “difficult,” examine behavioral interventions that improve interactions with challenging patients, and improve effectiveness in diffusing difficult patient and family encounters. This webinar is presented by Jeanice Hansen, MSW, LCSW and oncology social worker. View free webinar now.