Exciting developments are underway as the PNCT program receives funding from the Health Equity branch for Motivational Interviewing and Vaccine Hesitancy trainings. Kathleen Garrett, who will be leading the Vaccine Hesitancy training, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “The funding received by PNCT from the Health Equity branch at the CDPHE for Motivational Interviewing and Vaccine Hesitancy training will fundamentally expand our reach among trusted community outreach messengers and will allow us to connect the MI training and coaching we provide to actual vaccine communication practice outcomes. This is an amazing opportunity, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.”

This initiative aims to empower healthcare professionals and community leaders with effective communication skills, addressing individual concerns and building trust in vaccinations. The funding not only underscores a commitment to health equity but also enables PNCT to bridge the gap between training and real-world vaccine communication practices.

PNCT’s mission is to create a healthier and more resilient society by fostering understanding and informed decision-making in communities across Colorado. This funding marks a significant step towards achieving this goal and reflects a collaborative effort to enhance community outreach in vaccine education.

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