Discover HIV Navigation Services: A New Model for Patient Navigation
December 15, 2016 ~ 10-11:30 am MT
(9 am Pacific/11 am Central/12 pm Eastern)

This 90-minute webinar will discuss the CDC’s HIV Navigation Services framework for health care providers working in clinical settings to optimize the health outcomes of people living with HIV or at high-risk of acquiring HIV. This is an interactive webinar, hosted by the CDC Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network, which will provide an overview of the HIV Navigation Services (HNS) model, discuss benefits for patients and providers, review the structural components of HNS, and showcase an implementation approach. The webinar is structured with 60 minutes of content and a 30 minute opportunity for webinar participants to interact with their peers and expert faculty to ask questions about HNS implementation.

  1. Define CDC’s HIV Navigation Services model.
  2. Describe the HIV Care Continuum and the importance of engagement.
  3. Discuss how HIV Navigation Services can improve health outcomes for persons living with HIV and high risk negatives.
  4. Identify the structural components of the HIV Navigation Services framework.
  5. Determine how HIV Navigation Services can enhance services at my healthcare organization.

NOTE: This webinar has a two-step registration process  First register with the “Register ” icon.  After completing this registration, you will be sent a link to register with Adobe Connect in order to receive your webinar URL that you will use to join the live webinar.