Tools for the Journey: Working with Children from Addicted Homes
December 19, 9 am-4:30 pm
Betty Ford Center, 14001 E Iliff Ave #120, Aurora, CO 80014

For more information and online registration, please visit: Tools for the Journey: Working with Children from Addicted Homes

After attending this workshop, human services professionals will better understand the specific issues faced by adults who have grown up with drug and alcohol addiction and children still living in a home that is facing these issues. We will focus on how children are affected and different tools professionals can use to help these kids and their families. We will explore the healing journey for children and their families. Using the Betty Ford Center Model, participants will learn effective strategies to make a difference in the lives of children and adults; understand our unique prevention model; and explore new tools for working with children, parents and families. Come fill your “tool box” with activities, games and techniques that really work!

Evidence-Based Learning Objectives

  • After completing this workshop participants will successfully be able to:
  • describe three ways children are adversely impacted by family addiction;
  • list the core characteristics of resiliency;
  • demonstrate two activities which engage these youth in the healing process;
  • state three important messages for children from addicted families to hear to further their recovery.

Source: Human Services Network of Colorado