Cultural Intelligence; Viewing Life through the Other’s Lens
Presented by the Human Services Network of CO

9 am-12 pm Dec. 5
Cost: $125
Location: TBD in Denver

This workshop will explore anti-oppression concepts such as systemic oppression and allyship. The presenter will provide strategies and tools for human service professionals to utilize in their daily practice, including:

  • cultural responsiveness
  • implicit bias
  • microaggressions
  • receiving feedback
  • non-violent communication techniques

The goal of this half-day training is to equip attendees with core language and theory that can be used to bolster diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in human services.

Upon completion of this half-day event, participants will:

  • Have gained a broad understanding of how oppression operates within our society and be able to provide instances of such behaviors;
  • Be able to articulate the 4 I’s Anti-Oppression Model and offer examples drawn from this model;
  • Understand and demonstrate a positive expression of allyship and inclusive communication strategies; and
  • Connect anti-oppression theory to practice at the interpersonal level.