Have you been keeping up with the news on PN ECHO Learning Communities?! They are going well. We’re in the midst of a Learning Community on Resources and will start a new one next month on Care Coordination.

We would like your input on upcoming PN ECHO Learning Community topics. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below:

PN ECHO Learning Communities Survey

What is a PN ECHO Learning Community?
  • A group of 15-20 participants who convene regularly to increase knowledge and skills in regards to a specific topic
  • Uses bi-directional video–all you need is an internet connection and computer/phone/laptop/phone with a camera and microphone to participate
  • Involves topic experts who briefly present on current best practices and strategies, and participants who present cases on the use of those practices and strategies
  • Is highly interactive with sharing of information using a case-based, peer to peer learning structure