Be a First Responder for Your Community’s Mental Health.

The Patient Navigator Training Collaborative is pleased to partner with Lucille (Johnson) Campbell, to offer this Mental Health First Aid training.

Learn important skills to help your patients, your coworkers, your community and yourself!

Depression. Anxiety. Substance abuse. Eating disorders. These are but a few of the mental health challenges people in Colorado struggle with every day. In fact, one out of four people you meet has struggled with a mental health problem at some point. But there is hope. And it is you.

Mental Health First Aid Colorado is a statewide, public education program committed to empowering individuals to identify, understand and respond to those in mental health and substance abuse crises.

Through our certification course, you’ll become a certified Mental Health First Aider. We’ll teach you how to respond to someone with a mental health challenge. You’ll learn the signs, evidence-based actions and how to connect those in crisis to support systems that can help them recover.

Mental Health First Aid is for everyone. The course has been tested, proven, and tailored to meet a range of unique perspectives and experiences.

8 am-4 pm Nov. 30

Daniels Fund
101 Monroe St
Denver, CO

$25 and include refreshments and lunch