Metro Community Provider Network provides excellent health-related services focusing on the underserved. MCPN has one of the largest population bases of any community health center in Colorado.  MCPN is dedicated to being a positive work place with a culturally diverse population of employees that are committed to being focused and disciplined team members.  MCPN is also dedicated to taking care of our patients and our employees to ensure the best quality of life.

Prenatal Engagement Navigator (Wheat Ridge, CO)
In order to provide patient navigation services, this position will focus on engaging patients during their pregnancy and postnatal transition to ensure patient retention.  The Patient Navigator will identify needs (largely based on health care team referral), resource identification, and provide support to MCPN patients to access referral sources.
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Complex Care Coordinator (Aurora, CO)
In order to support and help create positive health outcomes for patients, the Complex Care Coordinator provides assessment, intervention, coaching and support to MCPN patients and their responsible parties to proactively manage their care.  The selected candidate will coordinate the delivery of services to patients, including collaborating with clinical and other staff to address patient’s needs.  The Complex Care Coordinator evaluates the patient’s condition, develops care plans to improve overall health, assesses barriers to health and determines appropriate ways to address those barriers.
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