You know a lot when it comes to handling stress. Or thought you did. But the last years on planet earth have upped the ante for everyone. The usual approaches aren’t enough. And sometimes things that used to work, have stopped working. You may feel like you’re in over your head… and this corridor of change? Doesn’t look like it will shift anytime soon.

Put that remote down, and peel back the covers, friend. It’s time for Amazon Stress Zapping! 

What’s Amazon Stress Zapping? Well, on one level, it’s staying calm and not freaking out. Dropping out of fight/flight/freeze mode when it’s triggered. Mostly though, it’s about not letting yourself get derailed from your momentum toward the things that matter.

Learn more about Amazon Stress Zapping and the stress management group meeting in June at a FREE webinar: June 4 at Noon MT
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Amazon Stress Zapping – Stress Management Group
Dates: June 8, 15, 22, 29: 4 meetings over 3 weeks in June
Time: 12-1 pm MT on Wednesdays
Cost: $120 or may be covered by your insurance
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Who will rock this group? If this is you:

  • You are willing to learn new things and could add a few coping tools now
  • You’d like to know you can handle surprises and challenges that come up
  • You need to keep your momentum going on things that matter for the long run
  • You’re want to have options when stress overwhelms or burdens you
  • You know the world needs your positive view and you’re tired of getting derailed

Led by: Denise Barnes MA, LPC, Rev., is a licensed therapist, intuitive coach and performer who first taught this framework in a psychosocial research study to 75 women exiting breast cancer treatment in the late nineties. It helped their best recovery and in some cases, transformation. She loves teaching the 4 Steps to Destress system because it’s an evidence-based practice that works fast, and gives people what they need to weather rocky times.