🌟 Ready to make a positive impact? Join our upcoming training session on Motivational Interviewing for Vaccine Hesitancy, exclusively designed for Colorado’s community health workers. Thanks to our partnership this course is offered for free! Secure your spot now and be a part of this empowering initiative.

Designed for community health workers, this training explores motivational interviewing strategies to engage individuals in open conversations about vaccination. Led by esteemed expert Kathleen Garrett, MA, this course equips participants with the skills to navigate vaccine hesitancy, fostering understanding and encouraging informed decisions. Join us in building a community of advocates who can drive positive change in public health. Through dynamic sessions enriched with roleplay activities, attendees will not just learn but actively practice strategies that engage individuals in meaningful, non-confrontational conversations about vaccination. Join us as we equip community health workers with the tools to navigate hesitancy, fostering understanding and driving positive change in public health.

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