U.S. Supreme Court strikes down extension of eviction ban by Centers for Disease Control. Evictions are now a matter of state and local law.

The federal ban on housing evictions expired Saturday July 31, 2021. The CDC extended that ban to October 3, 2021. However, on August 26, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the extension invalid, holding that only Congress can authorize such an extension. Therefore, eviction protections are now a matter of state and local law only.

Colorado currently has no state-level ban on evictions. By executive order of Governor Polis, in the short-term landlords must wait longer than normal after providing written notice of eviction before they can put someone out. The funding to help people pay rent or mortgage costs also remains in effect. For details on the rapidly changing landscape of evictions, please consult the resources below.

Below is a partial list of resources that may be able to help people facing eviction due to COVID-19. If you are aware of additional resources not listed, please let us know.

Thanks to PNTC consultant David Kaye for this update