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In this role (15 openings in rural workforce centers, 4 in immigrant-serving organizations in Denver and Colorado Springs), you’ll work one-on-one during 60 minute appointments with up to four community members per work day.

Your goal is to help them get internet access at home and become proficient in using devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. This support is crucial for accessing employment and education, banking, healthcare, government services, and communication through email and social media. Your efforts contribute to empowering individuals to independently handle tasks and access information digitally.

Preferred Qualifications:
Ability to communicate foundational digital literacy and skills concepts verbally in Spanish, Amharic, Arabic, French, Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese), Nepali, Russian, Somali, and/or Vietnamese
1+ years paid or unpaid teaching, training and/or tutoring a diverse population of adults on using technology
Experience providing direct services to non-native English speakers, people with limited literacy skills, and/or people with disabilities who require accommodations for digital access
Experience assessing skills, identifying strengths and opportunities for growth, setting goals and monitoring progress

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Source: Colorado Department of Labor & Employment