The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is beginning to use the term “community health worker” instead of “health navigators” in an effort to better align with other states and prepare for Medicaid reimbursement in the future. Those working in these roles may also be known as promotores de salud/promatora, patient navigator or resource navigator.

This change in terminology will not have any immediate impacts but you will begin to see changes to CDPHE web pages, newsletters, and other collateral as we transition to using community health workers as an umbrella term.

Because community health workers and health navigators offer similar skills and services to patients and employers, this transition to community health workers will not have an immediate impact on Coloradans who already work in these fields.

By adding community health workers to the current infrastructure, employers may be able to find more employees who match the qualifications they are seeking.

Resources: More information about Adopting Community Health Workers as an Umbrella Term for the Workforce in Colorado

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Credit: Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing