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Date & Time: Apr 3, 2024 10:00 AM MT
The 2024 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule advanced significant policies designed to address health equity. Specifically, new service codes for Community Health Integration (CHI) and Principal Illness Navigation (PIN) are intended to address health equity priorities These new services codes provide a direct pathway for reimbursement for the labor extended by auxiliary personnel, including community health workers, to the Medicare provider.
In addition, the Physician Fee Schedule allows providers to contract with community-based organizations that can provide staffing to address identified health-related social needs and the health navigation of affected populations. The Partnership is developing resources to address the core concepts required to implement CHI and PIN services.
This webinar will discuss the first of those resources, A Primer: Understanding the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Billing Codes for Community Health Integration (CHI), Principal Illness Navigation (PIN), and Principal Illness Navigation – Peer Support (PIN-PS) Services. This event will include an opportunity for questions and answers to inform planning for and implementation of CHI and PIN services.