To ECHO is to learn, to share, to engage and to connect.

ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) Colorado gives voice to knowledge. ECHO sessions combine the interactive learning and case-based sharing aspects of an in-person training with the improved access and convenience of connecting through an audio and video-based online experience.

ECHO for Patient Navigators – It’s easy to make knowledge ECHO. 

The ECHO approach is designed to make it as simple as possible for people to share knowledge. ECHO uses Zoom, a cloud-based video platform that brings all those who are part of an ECHO together from wherever they may be. There’s no need to buy any special software, and if your computer lacks a camera, we may be able to provide you one to use.

ECHO learning communities for patient navigators will focus on increasing patient navigators’ knowledge and skills in topics of interest. During ECHO sessions, topic experts present brief trainings on current best practice strategies, and patient navigators discuss the application of those strategies in their practice. Previous ECHOs include Motivational Interviewing and Care Coordination.