eLearning Courses

eLearning Courses were created just for patient navigators. They are free, self-paced, and interactive. Learn more about patient navigation, chronic disease, and how to help your clients get the care they need and live healthier lives. Leave a course and come back any time.


Preventive Healthcare 101

In this course you will learn about preventive healthcare, staying healthy and risk factors that may cause disease. You will also learn how to encourage clients to form healthy habits and avoid habits that may be harmful. Client stories and videos with quiz questions will apply what you learn.



Introduction to the Healthcare System

In this course you will learn about different types of healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, community health agencies and the role of other healthcare team members. You will also learn the basics of health insurance and important things you need to know about legal issues related to patient navigation.



Introduction to Chronic Disease

About two-thirds of all deaths in the U.S. are due to chronic disease. The most common of these are heart disease, cancer, stroke, lung disease and diabetes. In this course you will learn about these common chronic diseases, mental illness, and how to recognize and help a client in crisis. You will also learn about health disparities and how chronic diseases affect people in different groups.



Clinical Trials and Patient Navigation

A clinical trial is a medical research study. Clinical trials help find better and safer ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, or treat disease. In this course you will learn the important role that patient navigators play in clinical trials. Navigators help patients understand how clinical trials work, support patients as they decide whether or not to join a clinical trial, then help patients address barriers that may keep them from joining a clinical trial.



HIV-related Cancer Research Studies

People with HIV have a unique set of medical issues and are more likely to have certain types of cancer. HIV-related cancer research studies look for better and safer ways to prevent, screen, diagnose or treat HIV-related cancers. This course gives an overview of research studies and describes ways patient navigators can help clients join or stay in a research study.