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With the extra personal and global stress emerging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stress levels and anxiety have escalated. If you are a health care worker or caregiver, you may have the extra burden of dealing with your own anxiety as well as those of the people you serve. This course features a discussion of stress management and coping skills. When you are handling stress well, you will be better able to help others.

Denise Barnes PictureThis course was developed in collaboration with Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, REV. Denise is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Health and Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor who has taught stress management and resilience in health care settings for over two decades. She practices in Boulder, CO and the telehealth setting.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Understand and manage your own anxiety levels
  • Useful stress management frameworks and coping tips 
  • Tools for how to be helpful to anxious clients within best practice of boundaries of navigation

Time Required

30 minutes

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