Choose courses right for you.

To choose courses right for you, look at the model below and decide whether you are a Community Health Worker, Level 1 or Level 2 Patient Navigator. The image below shows how each role is aligned with patient/client processes. Below the model you will find training programs right for you.

Please note that Level 1 courses may be helpful to Level 2 navigators. Some Level 2 courses may be appropriate for Level 1 navigators, but participants may be screened to ensure a positive learning experience for everyone in Level 2 courses.


First line of the model shows the patient process from link to healthcare system and health screening through diagnosis and treatment. The second line of the model shows that community health workers are involved at the beginning of the patient process and patient navigators are involved in the middle and the end.  Line three shows examples of activities done by each service role and line four shows which training program covers each service role.

Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers work in communities and sometimes hospitals. They link patients to the resources they need such as: health screening information, healthcare providers, assistance with publicly funded health insurance, financial assistance and transportation.

Patient Navigator

Although all Patient Navigators work with clients to reduce barriers to health care, the range of patient navigator duties varies widely. Some patient navigators work with patients through the screening and diagnosis phase. Others work with patients through the treatment or management phase and even into survivorship/health maintenance or end of life. The knowledge and skills required for Level 2 Patient Navigation are greater than those required for Level 1 and have tailored training to the needs of each type of patient navigator.

Level 1 Patient Navigator

Level 1 patient navigator can be a lay healthcare worker or may have some college. They may work in communities or in healthcare settings. They typically work with patients during health screening and through the diagnostic process. Level 1 Patient Navigators link patients/clients to screening tests, conduct screening and provide health information. They also work with patients to identify and reduce barriers that keep patients from getting healthcare. They may link patients to healthcare providers or medical homes, assist with publicly funded health insurance, find financial assistance or help with transportation.

Level 1 training focuses on:

Level 2 Patient Navigator

A Level 2 patient navigator may be a nurse or social workers with a bachelor or master’s degree. They may also be a very experienced patient navigator. Level 2 navigators work with patients in healthcare settings once patients receive a diagnosis. They continue to work with the patient through treatment or disease management, into the health maintenance phase and sometimes at the end of life. Level 2 Patient Navigators work closely with patients to identify and address the barriers that keep patients from getting ongoing treatment. They also coordinate care, provide health information tailored to the needs of each patient, and provide motivation and support.

Level 2 training focuses on: