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Join the Colorado Patient Navigator Community.

Use the form below to join these patient navigator listservs and connect with other Colorado patient navigators.

  • “Navigator Announcements” lets you hear about workshops, courses and patient navigator announcements from the Colorado Patient Navigator Training Program.
  • “Ask-A-Navigator” lets you to connect with others who have a patient navigator role. When you need advice from other navigators you can ask a question by sending a message to the listserv group. It’s a great way to ask patient navigation questions and network with other navigators.

What is a listserv? A listserv is a large email list. As a member of a listserv you can send an email to other members of the listserv. When you send an email to the listserv address, it is looked at by a program director and if the message is appropriate, it will be approved and sent to all members of the listserv.

Send a Message to Ask-A-Navigator

Once you join the Ask-a-Navigator listserv you can email a question to other navigators at:

In your email, include a meaningful subject line and use plain text for your message. File attachments are discouraged.

Will I get more emails if I join? If you subscribe to "Navigator Announcements" you will receive an email about once a month. The number of emails from "Ask a Navigator" will vary, but messages are looked at and approved by a program director before being sent to everyone on the list. This helps make sure questions are relevant to patient navigation. It also cuts down on unnecessary or accidental messages.

Can I unsubscribe from the listserv? Yes. If you join a listserv and don’t like it, you can unsubscribe and be removed from either list at any time.  Instructions for unsubscribing are included at the bottom of each listserv message.

Please note:The listservs are not a forum for advertising. Solicitor accounts will be removed without notice.

Two listservs. Join one or both.

Please complete this form to join one or both listservs.

Navigator Announcements Recommended

Learn about patient navigator courses and events. Note!This listserv replaces our current system of email notices. You MUST subscribe to this listserv to get training information and patient navigator announcements.

Ask-A- Navigator Great for networking!

This listserv connects you to others with a patient navigator role. If you have ever had a difficult time finding a patient resource or needed a new strategy or advice, this listserv is for you. Questions are emailed to the listserv address (, approved by a program director, then sent to all members of the listserv. LISTSERV RULES: Do not include any identifying patient information such as: patient names, date of birth, address, phone, specific diagnosis, treatment facility name, clinic names, provider names, locations, etc. See examples